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Times are Changing – Pandemics and Black Friday Sale 2020

The shopping experience is getting renewed due to pandemic and majority stores are starting their sales early and ending them pretty late. Brands and shops are trying to avoid customer rush that may crowd their stores on Friday post-Thanksgiving and so they have introduced new ways for shopping, pickup and delivery.

In 2020, the Black Friday deals and shopping experiences which were only available ‘in-store’ will be available in the online stores. Black Friday mattress sales 2020 might be an interesting option for customers to explore. According to a new survey by a popular company, 51%  of customers are anxious about shopping in a physical store in this holiday season and they expect 64% budget to be spent in online stores.

The people who are still fearless enough to go to the stores on Black Friday may observe increased safety procedures and controls of capacity.

Some major retail stores have changed their Black Friday sales plans this year.

One of the very famous stores in the US has decided to offer discounted rates both in-stores and online starting from 6th of November to 2nd of December. Their recent statement included that they wanted to reinvent the Black Friday of 2020 to lessen the stress of shoppers who rush to the stores and get the perfect deals. They included that this decision was taken to maintain safety. The shoppers who would use the app have gained advance access this week to the deals and discounts.

Another retail store plans expansion in their items and products, the kind of stuff that isn’t the speciality of this store. It started the sales last week, the earliest ever, for this store to begin sales of the season. They have added wreaths and free fresh-cut tree delivery upon purchase of over 45$.

Another famous chain store will begin the in-store and online sales from 4th November, the day after Thanksgiving. The store reassured about their safety precautions and said their clients can expect having the same shopping experience and discount deals with more cautious cleanliness, employees dressed in proper protection equipment. They are hoping to be able to control the crowd by sending in only a specified number of people. They are also offering curbside pick-ups to ease the customers.

One of the biggest shops has decided to give deals in the store and virtually for the whole month of November. They plan to offer digital deals and weekly discounts each day, beginning from 1st November. It is applying different tricks and techniques to ensure safety precautions.

Another huge retailer in the US is expanding it’s Black Friday sales to over 3 weekends. It will begin on the website and come to the store afterwards.

The deals will appear online every Wednesday. The customers are, although still more appreciated opting for curbside pick up, the customers who still choose to run to store will not experience the past chaos. Everyone will be given sanitize shopping carts and store representatives will remind people shopping there to wear a mask. Lesser people and no mingling will be ensured and social distancing will be practised.